Why Cash in Hand

Why choose Cash In Hand for Instant Loan?

Cash In Hand is a fast, secured and flexible money lending service provider in Sydney. With an immense experience in the financial industry, we have come up with an ultimate approach to solve the financial condition of people whose credit history is negative.

Our business model of pawnbroking is not new to the market as it was followed in ancient time. Our purpose is to provide fast, cash-in-hand short term loans to individuals and businesses, using assets they already own.

For a quick and short-term loan, we deposit your vehicle as security and provides you with fast cash in hand.

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No Risk

If a client or customer does not redeem their asset at the end of their loan term, we contact them discreetly to remind them of the relevant deadlines.

Despite these reminders, if the customer is unable or unwilling to redeem their property, it will be marked sold.

If the sale price exceeds the outstanding loan amount (including interest, charges and selling costs), the balance will be transferred to the customer immediately.

Wide Service Area

We deal with the car and other vehicles from the below-mentioned areas of Sydney:

  • Car Pawn Shop Sydney
  • Car Pawnbroker North Shore
  • Car Pawnbroker South Sydney

The loan term plan can be extended if the payment is made with interest before the due date in the first 3 months.

Your vehicle is kept in a secure and closed depot, hidden from the sight of unauthorised persons. That’s how, nobody will know about the loan, not the bank, the debt collectors or employers.

You will keep your creditworthiness; no other money lending authority will come to know about your Cash in Hand pawn loan.

Making an early repayment or advance payment allows you to save interest on the loan that can help you to pay urgent bills or salaries or to bridge ongoing business expenses.

Quick and short-term loan credit against the deposit of your vehicle as security are disbursed quickly. You will receive your cash loan within half an hour. Yes! Cash payment is possible.

The vehicle pawn loan’s amount is calculated according to the value of your vehicle. Cash In Hand never asks or look for your income’s salary slips, past debts, bankruptcy or credit score.

Also, we do not ask for any reference to your employer or verifies your profile in debt register.

The loan repayment term is for three months, however, the vehicle can be redeemed early.

The customer only pays the interest of the loan until the time he or she keeps the complete loan amount with him or herself. There are no extra monthly charges to be paid.