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If you've ever wondered where you're nearest pawnbroker is, chances are it's Cash In Hand, Situated o


Pawn My Car at Sydney's #1 Car Pawnbroker

Can I Pawn my car to Borrow Money in Sydney?

Not an issue, at Cash In Hand, our quick and easy fast cash pawn loan process will get you the cash you need. Without any requirements for loan approvals or credit checks, it doesn't matter if you have good credit or bad credit, Cash In Hand will use your car as security for the loan. Pawn my car today to get with Cash In Hand and get the best interest rate, guaranteed.
In just minutes the whole car pawn loan will be completed and you’ll be out the door with Cash in Hand!

It’s that Easy to Pawn My Car with Cash In Hand!

  • No Credit Checks or Loan Approvals Required
  • Your Car is the Security Item Against Your Loan.
  • No Establishment or Exit Fees.
  • Make No Repayments Until Loan Expiry.
  • Get your Cash in Minutes.

Need information?  Tel:02 9688 1590 . Alternatively visit our car pawn shop in Wentworthville for instant cash against your vehicle.

Pawn My Car

What are the requirements to Pawn my Car?

As long as you own a vehicle without finance owing, you can borrow against it’s value.

Which vehicles do we lend against?

  • Its so easy to get a same day cash loan against car from $888* up to $88,000*, Come and Pawn a Car at your friendly Sydney Car Pawnbroker.

Where can I pawn my car in Sydney?

  • You can Pawn Your Car with Cash In Hand, Sydney's #1 Car Pawnbroker. Head over to Cash In Hand's office with your vehicle. Our Wentworthville Car Pawn Shop is open Monday to Saturday.

What to bring to Pawn your Car:

  • Your ID such as (drivers licence, medicare card or other governement ID ).
  • Your vehicle's registration papers.

When you arrive, we will value your vehicle, verify ownership of the vehichle and present a viable loan amount.

  • When your loan is processed, your vehicle will be stored awaiting your return.
  • Finally you’ll receive your fast Cash Pawn Loan.

Finalising your pawn car loan at our Car Pawn Shop in Sydney

The car pawn loan repayment is easy at Cash In Hand. Visit our pawn shop, pay the balance owing on the loan and drive away in your vehicle.

Location of our auto pawn shop Sydney

350A Great Western Highway, Wentworthville NSW 2145.

Why wait? Apply today for Secured Loans Against Your Car

Still not convinced, check out the link for more reasons at to Why Cash In Hand is Sydney's #1 Pawnbroker