Pawn Loan Checklist

Vehicle Pawn Loan Checklist

Hi, Welcome to Cash In Hand's Easy Pawn Loan Checklist. Cash In Hand has made it easy for you to understand how our loans process work and what we require from you!

Getting a car pawn loan against your vehicle is simple & easy process at Cash In Hand.

We are the New South Wales authorised money lending service providers offering short-term cash loans against the value of an asset you own. It is used by us as loan collateral (loan security). Loan assets are held by us until the loan is repaid.

Cash In Hand Checklist
  • Do you have an urgent or important financial need for personal or for business purpose? For normal consumer financing, it might be a bit cumbersome or expensive.
  • Are you the owner of a fully paid vehicle which you do not need for a few weeks or months?
  • Are you confident enough about being able to redeem the vehicle after loan terms end?
  • Does the vehicle currently have no finance dues?

Identity proof

  • Require 3 identification proofs i.e., Driving Licence, Passport, medicare, etc
  • Motorbike registration and ownership documents.
  • Original documents should be submitted.


You’ll need to provide one only asset ownership paper.

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Sales invoice from the dealer or disposal notice.

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What are the requirements for a Cash In Hand loan?

You must be the owner of the vehicle you wish to use as collateral. We cannot accept vehicles that are subject to a lease agreement or any other restriction of title.

In the case of company cars, we require written authorisation from the company management and a current extract from the Commercial Register.

There must be no restrictions in the vehicle registration documents.

Cash In Hand makes sure that all pawnbroking loans are government compliant.