Get Instant loan on Car

  • Pawn your car.
  • Borrow loan amount between $888 - $88,000.
  • Deposit your identification and car ownership documents
  • Complete all the paperwork process.
  • Get a cash loan according to your requirement in a minute.

Ever thought about how easy it would be for you to pawn your car for cash? At Cash In Hand we make it easy with these simple steps.
Provide ID

Provide us with your personal identification & ownership documents.


According to your car value, we will offer you loan solutions.

Cash In Hand

After completing all the paperwork, we will provide you with the cash amount instantly. Your pawned car will be kept securely and will be returned back to your after loan term is over.

Eligibility For Loan Against Car

What We Will Accept

  • Your car should be owned by you.
  • Your car should be financed free.
  • The car should be available physically.

Personal Identification & Ownership Documents

  • Require 3 identification proofs i.e., Driving Licence, Passport, medicare, etc
  • Car registration and ownership documents.
  • Original documents should be submitted.

Loan Process Against Your Car

  • After calculating your car’s value, we will offer you the suitable loan amount and its term plans.
  • We will proceed with your loan only after your acceptance.
  • We will provide you with the cash loan and your car will be stored safely till the time you repay the pawn loan amount with interest.

Get cash loans secured against the car simply by pawning your car with us. Get a cash loan from us in 30 minutes, no matter what make or model from Family to Vintage, SUVs, Sports Cars to Off-Road Buggies, we accept them all.

A pawn loan against the car is a fast and easy process. Often called pawning or hocking a car vehicle in Australia. At Cash In Hand Car Pawnbrokers, we provide pawn loans from $888 to $88,000 against cars & SUVs of all makes and models. Apply for cash pawn car loan against a car at Cash In Hand – No. 1 Car Pawnbroker Shop & Moneylender in Sydney.

You may own:

You can borrow money against your car by pawning your car at Cash In Hand. An even more amazing fact is that at the car pawn shop you will get your loan against car title with cash paid in just minutes.

Loan Amount $888 to $88,000
Loan Type Secured loan against your car
Loan Term 3 Months More or Less
Processing Time Get your Cash On the Spot within 30 Minutes
Interest Rate Type Fixed rate – Rate stays the same for duration of loan
Who Can Apply for Loan Against Car Individuals who Cash fast, Ex Bankrupt, Unemployed, On Centrelink Payments and wee also lend to Businesses.
Eligibility Criteria 18 Years Old and Must own asset

Turns out it’s actually fairly simple. Come and meet us at Cash In Hand with your car as well as the car’s registration papers and pawn your car with us and receive the best loan rate and immediate cash in your pocket in just minutes.

It’s a simple and hassle-free process to borrow money against your car. We don’t do any credit checks. You can pawn your car and obtain fast cash loan ranging from $888 to $88,000 depending on the car’s value. You’ll also receive the loan amount on the same day. Pay the way you want as regular repayments are not required! You can always repay your car pawn loan at the end of the loan period, which gives you the flexibility to use your cash for any emergency situation.

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Not an Issue – You can obtain secured bad credit cash loans from Cash In Hand Pawn Loans – Car Pawnbrokers Sydney’s No.1 auto pawnbroker and moneylender. We will provide you with a car pawn loan that is secured with a loan against your car’s value in just minutes.

A Pawnbroker and personal credit lender both offer cash loans but differs in process.

Pawnbrokers offer cash loans against asset-based collateral such as a car, truck, boat, motorbike, etc. whereas personal credit lenders depend on credit checks, employment history.

Personal credit lenders also provide fast cash loans but operate more like a bank with extra fees and charges. Any loans associated with Personal credit lenders are subjected to being scrutinized through payslips and background checks.

Email your details or call us to discuss your needs: –

Basic information about your Car: –

Make, Model, Year, Motor Type, Capacity and Condition etc. Proof that you are the legal owner of the vehicle should have “NIL” money owing. We will pawn-loan from $888 to $88,000 against the agreed value of your asset. Once accepted, you will have your cash in just minutes!

Cash In Hand is not your traditional money lender. We offer Loans for business and private clients with bad credit history!

Our purpose is to provide fast, short term loans of $888 to $88,000 or more to individuals and businesses, using assets they already own. Submit registration papers or ownership papers and a couple of ID proofs from you.

It’s that easy, drop-off the Vehicle, sign paperwork receives cash in hand.