A vehicle pawn loan is a short-term cash loan where Cash In Hand keeps your vehicle as collateral. After you repay the loan in full with interest, your vehicle and its full legal ownership will be turned back over to you.

Pawn loans are used as a short-term funding option by people who need cash fast or are unable to acquire finance from a bank or another financial organisation. Cash In Hand's pawn loan is a fast way to get a quick cash loan without any hassles of credit or background checks.

In simple terms, a pawn loan is not valued on your salary or credit rating, rather the values are based on your collateral. That’s why it doesn't matter if you have good credit nor bad credit as a precondition for applying for a pawn loan. If you have any vehicle, boat, bike or machinery that's maintained and running in good condition, you can hock the vehicle and get an instant cash loan in minutes.

We lend short-term cash loans against cars, motorbikes, boats, trucks, vans, Jet Skis, caravans, ride-on mowers, tractors, bobcats, machinery or any other vehicle regardless of the make or model.

If your vehicle can meet the criteria of being well maintained, running in good condition, roadworthy and does not have a loan against the vehicle (fully paid for) then Cash In Hand can provide you with a fast cash loan for a short term.

When you can't get a loan from a bank or finance institution because of your low credit score or low income, Cash In Hand will instantly organise a pawn loan against your vehicle and you can walk away with cash.

Dependent on your vehicle’s value, you can get vehicle pawn loan starting from $888 up to $88,000. You can use this cash to fulfil your requirements and to get rid of immediate financial problems. And, you can claim back your vehicle by paying off the loan amount and interest at the end of the loan term

You will need a vehicle that you own in your name, valid photo identification and rego papers or ownership documents of your vehicle, To apply for a fast cash loan.

Once our local car experts evaluate your vehicle, they will return to you with a offer based on the value of your vehicle. Once you agree to the offer, you’ll have to complete some formalities and sign the documents, and instantly you'll receive the cash.

When you come to redeem your car by paying the amount and accrued interest, you’ll get back your vehicle. Just give a call to us at Cash In Hand on (02) 96881590 or if you wish to visit us personally, then visit us today at 350A Great Western Highway, Wentworthville NSW 2145 (No appointments needed).

You can borrow cash from $888* and up to $88,000* for short-term pawn loans. The amount you can borrow is based on the value of your vehicle, which is determined by the onsite evaluators at Cash In Hand.

We recommend that you visit us along with your vehicle asset so that we can evaluate the value as well as discuss with you about your requirements and provide you with an appropriate loan. Because this is a pawn loan there are no credit or background checks required because your vehicle is collateral.

So anyone can easily borrow money against their asset (i.e. any vehicle or machinery) of value irrespective of joblessness, bad debts or even bankruptcy.

A Cash In Hand Pawn loan is 100% private and confidential and you get options to repay as you go. You can take advantage of private individual loan or business loan for the short term. At Cash In Hand in Sydney, all inquiries are eligible for receiving a quick auto pawn loan. Come, visit us in Sydney, and borrow a small or large loan without any credit checks against your valuable asset.

Cash In Hand's interest rates are determined by the amount you want to borrow and the value of the collateral you supply.

As soon as we have spoken with you and assessed your application as well as your vehicle, we will be able to provide you with an accurate rate of interest that you will need to pay.

However, before you borrow money, you will need to fill out and complete a ‘Pawn Agreement’, which will clearly state the exact terms of your loan and interest that will be applicable.

For example, if you want a cash pawn loan of $400 for loan term of 60 days* (can be extended if required) – here, your monthly repayments will be $220 (Multiply it by 2 for two months) and you will have to pay $440 to claim your asset back at loan’s expiry. There are no other hidden or extra charges whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter why you need the money, Cash In Hand aren't concerned about how you spend your loan money. You got the loan money by pawning your valuable assets such as car, bikes, boats and machinery. The pawn loan money is all yours and there are no restrictions as to what you spend your money on.

For example, you may pay any unpaid utility bills, medical treatments or even use it for your own wedding expenses. Once your vehicle is hocked and cash is given to you, it is up to you, how you use it or for what purpose you use it.

At Cash In Hand, we provide you with Sydney's Best Auto Pawn Loan offers at affordable interest rates. The next time you require cash quickly come to Cash In Hand. We provide auto pawn cash loans for all vehicle types, makes, models and brands.

Unlike other lenders, we do not require a credit history check or defaulter loan report of the customer’s so that you can easily borrow cash in hand.
Loan terms vary depending on borrower’s requirements, generally not more than 3 months. However, you can extend the loan term if required. You only pay for the time you use your loan in monthly increments.

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Additional Services

Simply extend your loan via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. You can easily extend your pawn loan from home. All you need to do is pay the accrued costs via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

Car, Motorbike, Boat, Truck, Machinery or Other Assets of value.

Cash In Hand will Pawn Fast Cash loans from $888 to $88,000 against the agreed value of your asset. Once accepted, you will have your cash in just minutes! Loans for All! Private or Business with Flexible Repayment & Loans Terms. You’ll receive Cash in Hand on the spot.

  • We will pawn-loan from $888 to $88,000 against the agreed value of your asset. Once accepted, you will have your cash in just minutes!
  • Cash In Hand is not your Traditional money lender. We offer Loans for Business And Private Clients with Bad Credit History!
  • Our purpose is to provide fast, short term loans of $888 to $88,000 or more to individuals and businesses, using assets they already own.
No matter what the reason is you are looking for a loan, we can help.
  • Loans for All ! Private or Business
  • $888 – $88,000 Loans in Minutes*
  • Flexible Repayment & Loans Terms
  • Receive Cash on the Spot
  • Fast and Easy No Credit Check Process
  • Repay Only for The Period Used
  • Keep driving around in a discounted rental car