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Cash In Hand, Sydney's #1 Car Pawnbroker is not your traditional money lender. With a long history in the financial services industry we have identified an alternate approach to borrowing money using the business model of Pawnbroking which has existed for over 3000 years. Our purpose is to provide fast, cash in hand short term loans of $888 to $88,000 or more to individuals and businesses, using assets they already own.

We were established with the purpose of utilizing the latest technologies to serve as a high-end moneylender, delivering a simple, private way to get loans or sell high end goods.


Whether it be an unexpected expense, a business opportunity, a home project or a much-needed holiday. A loan from Cash in Hand gives you access to finance quickly and easily without the need to sell your asset.

We simply value your asset and allow you to borrow funds against it for up to 3 months or longer while we securely store your asset for the duration of your loan.

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The key benefits of using Cash in Hand loans

  • SIMPLE and QUICK - a quick and easy loan option with no upfront fees or payments.
  • DISCREET - no record in any official debt register, having no impact upon your credit rating.
  • FLEXIBLE - helpful in all circumstances, options to pay as you go, or at the end of your loan.

We maintain quality and standards according to Pawnbrokers and Second – hand Dealers Act 1996. We provide a cash lending service to the people of New South Wales under the NSW Government and Department of Fair Trading issued Licence No: 2PS18969. Making sure we are fully compliant with Australian law

At Cash in hand, we value your asset and allow you to borrow funds against it for up to 3 months, while we store your asset as security for the duration of your loan.

With a convenient location, we ensure ease and convenience when it comes to delivering and storing your asset.

Our facilities are fully staffed during the day and feature state-of-the-art security systems, CCTV and back to base monitoring. So, you can rest easy knowing your asset is in safe hands.

Once you have repaid your loan in full, you can then collect your asset – it's that easy.

Our team is always at the ready to assist you with your queries and aim to have your loan approved as quickly as possible without the need for lengthy paperwork.

Letter from the CEO

If you are looking for about Cash in Hand, you probably know that life throws you a lot of curve balls and you go through good times and bad. Most of the time managing to get through each drama and event as it happens, sometimes not.

If life has thrown you a curve ball that you can’t get through financially, let me tell you straight up, I’ve been there, right where you are now. Once a mate stepped in to help me and once I used the services of a pawnbroker and pawned my vehicle

That’s one of the reasons this business got started, there is a need out there for short term financial help that is easy, fast and is entirely focused on fixing your problem and offers a friendly alternative to other lenders.

If you are in a bind and going through a tough time and life has thrown you a curve ball you just can’t catch!

We will catch it for you.




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