Advance On Sale Loan


Sell your vehicle in peace and receive an immediate advance payment (loan) in cash


You or your company would like to sell your car, because you do not need it anymore or have bought a new one? Cash in Hand will give you a loan as an advance payment on the sale. During the credit period, you can easily sell the vehicle for the best price. We can also sell it on your account.


Advantages of an Advance Payment

  • You will receive 40-65% of the value immediately in cash
  • You can sell the vehicle in peace and without time pressure and keep the rest of the money, minus our fees.
  • If you change your mind, you just need to pay our fees and the advance payment back and redeem your vehicle.

How we’ll sell your Asset

  • Organize inspections with potential buyers (for a modest fee) and even manage the sale in your name and on your account, which saves you valuable time.
  • Clean the vehicle for you and list it.
  • Organise a full car detail (Inside, Outside and Engine Clean) the maintenance of the vehicle enable you to get a higher selling price.